The Importance of Nursery Disinfection & Hygiene

When selecting a nursery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, parents consider different factors such as accessibility, curriculum, and fees. However important, these three should not only be the basis on why you should choose a nursery. A nursery that’s safe and clean, and holds regular nursery disinfection is also an essential factor to consider.

Children will be in nurseries for a long period of time. Thus, The importance of health and hygiene among nurseries can’t be understated. Nurseries, preschool, or daycare centers should ensure that a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained at all times.

1. Clean & Sanitized Environment

Through regular cleaning and nursery disinfection, not only do you ensure the premises are visibly clean and free from dirt, but also protect the health and safety of the children who will use your nursery facilities.

Nurseries should be a safe place for children to spend their day in and a secured place for the staff too. A clean and sanitized environment keeps a positive atmosphere for the children and the staff.

2. Food Safety

Food safety is one of the most crucial reasons to regularly clean and disinfect nurseries. Apart from instilling proper hand hygiene among the children, regular cleaning and sterilization of materials used to prepare food, the kitchen, sink, and faucets, you are preventing contamination within nurseries.

Young children, in particular, are susceptible to illnesses from bacteria from food not prepared properly. Thus, proper consideration should be in place in terms of food preparation and safety.

3. Prevent infection

As mentioned above, young children are the most susceptible to germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is because they lack the immune system that adults have to fight off these viruses, which can be transmitted through the eyes, nose, and mouth. Once in contact, this could quickly lead to infection and illnesses.

To prevent infection and transmission of these viruses, a proper nursery disinfection is required. It is essential to keep the environment germ and virus free. Most disinfection companies offer regular cleaning and disinfection service which focus on sanitizing surfaces and kill bacteria that causes illnesses.

4. Professional Disinfection Service

The best time to hire a professional disinfection service is now. For critical sectors like education, you need to ensure your nursery is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, while using advanced technologies and methods.

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