How to Perform Proper Hotel Disinfection Starting from your Room

If you’re frequently traveling, your hotel room is the closest you have to your home. There’s just one difference. You may share the same room with thousands of strangers at some point in time. Though hotel disinfection and cleaning may be done regularly. You may not be sure how clean it is.

With the number of Coronavirus cases rising across the world, a crucial way to stay safe especially if you’re locked down in your hotel room. Follow these steps to achieve a clean hotel room and stay healthy.

  1. Get some cleaning supplies

The EPA has published a list of cleaning supplies that can kill viruses. You can get one of those and disinfect your hotel room. Buy a box of gloves and sanitary wipes.

  1. Wash your hands regularly

The best way to reduce your chances of being infected with the Coronavirus is through observing proper hand hygiene. You can reduce the transfer of colds and viruses by eliminating them in your hands. After you’re done with cleaning, wash your hands again.

  1. Don’t use old pillows and bedspreads

This common hotel myth is actually true. Most hotels do not wash the bedspread after changing guests. The same goes for pillows. Be skeptic and ask the staff if they have changed them or have them changed while you’re there.

  1. Carry disinfecting wipes

To make hotel disinfection more convenient, carry around disinfecting wipes with you and start with high-touch surfaces. These surfaces are mostly used by people who occupied the room or even those who will visit or clean them. Wipe down doorknobs, sink, kettles,  chairs, and others. Do this regularly.

  1. Make sure the glassware is clean

The glassware found in your room can also breed germs and bacteria. Before using, clean them by running them through hot water for at least a minute, then use a proper dish cleaner to clean them. Practice bringing your own mug or tumbler when you travel frequently.

  1. Cover the remote control with plastic

The remote control may hold the most bacteria in the hotel room, aside from the toilet seat. To clean it, wipe it down with disinfecting wipes to remove dirt. Get a tissue and place it inside a sealed and clear plastic bag. Avoid touching the remote control first thing you arrive in the hotel.

  1. Use a disinfection spray

Spray on areas people touch most of the time. Spray some trusty disinfection spray on the phone, doorknobs, toilet handle, ice bucket, remote control, and bathroom faucet handles.  These are the most susceptible to breed germs and bacteria.

Hotels follow certain standards of cleanliness and sanitation. While these are surely safe and done professionally, you also need to take precautions to make sure your hotel room is properly cleaned and disinfected.

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