How a Virus Disinfection Service Helps Eliminate Coronavirus

During a pandemic, vital sectors such as healthcare, as well as companies that provide virus disinfection service are essentially required to continue their operations to curb the spread of COVID-19 and break the chain of infection. It is equally important for everyone to take necessary precautions to protect yourself and others’ health and wellbeing.

What do we know about the Coronavirus? Coronavirus causes the COVID-19, a highly infectious disease that targets your respiratory system. To date, various countries have been testing vaccines. While there is no specific treatment, everyone is advised to practice strict hygiene measures, including cleaning and disinfecting areas.

1. Cleaning & Disinfections

A complete virus disinfection service includes proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that we frequently touch. These are called high-touch surfaces. High-touch surfaces in built environments include:

  • door handles / door knobs
  • toilet flush handles or buttons
  • stair rails, handrails, grab handles and grab rails
  • Tables and chairs
  • supermarket trolley and baskets
  • Cashpoints / counters
  • Elevator buttons
  • petrol pumps
  • rubbish bins
  • kitchen and dining surfaces
  • taps, kettles
  • recycling areas
  • vehicles

2. Safety Protocols

The job of a virus disinfection company does not begin and end with the disinfection or eliminating process. Before a virus disinfection service even begins, they ensure safety protocols are in place. This includes proper hand hygiene and sanitation, wearing PPE suits, disposable gloves, masks, and ensuring all equipment is hygienic before use.

Through following strict hygiene protocols, they are preventing cross-contamination and reducing risks of infection for the occupants. This prevents the spread of the Coronavirus which can be transferred from one person to another through surface contact.

Studies in offices have shown that germs can spread from an infected person to the entire office in 2–4 hours via contaminated touchpoints. They all need regular cleaning and disinfecting with approved products to ensure protection from infection.

3. Decontaminating the Coronavirus

Your home or office should be safe to use right after disinfection. Ask the company which provides virus disinfection service the following questions:

  • How long after can I occupy my home or my office after disinfection?
  • How can I develop strict hygiene protocols inside my home or organization?
  • What can I do to make sure my home or office stays protected and virus-free?

Virus disinfection is a task you should leave to professionals. Contaminated areas need special cleaning and disinfection protocols while following safety precautions. Each contaminated room’s touch points will be thoroughly-cleaned and disinfected to ensure zero decontamination.

4. Combating the Virus in Large Areas

It is difficult to apply manual cleaning methods in large areas or even areas that are hidden or hard-to-reach. This requires a specialist disinfection company in Dubai. They are knowledgeable with the latest methods and technologies to disinfect surfaces and fight pathogens in every type of material and surface.

Foggin, high pressure steam, and electrostatic spray technology are the best solutions for surface disinfection, reducing the number of pathogens on surfaces, which may be impossible using  traditional cleaning methods.

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