Coronavirus Tips: How to Choose a Disinfection Company in Dubai

To fight the Coronavirus, we need to observe proper hand and respiratory hygiene. These, however, are not enough to combat the COVID-19 disease.  Regular cleaning & disinfection of your home is a must to remove all harmful viruses and bacteria that may cause disease.

Even with quarantine, not everyone has the luxury of time to fully disinfect their homes. Most people are working from home. If not, home-schooling their children is another story. In this case, hiring a good disinfection company in Dubai would definitely help.

With a lot of cleaning companies in the market, how can you choose the best disinfection company in Dubai for your home? We have rounded up some guidelines!

  1. Identify the areas of your house which require cleaning & disinfection

Before hiring disinfection experts, consider which parts of your house would require cleaning & disinfection. Which services would you like them to do? Prepare a list of things and areas in your apartment or villa which need disinfection.

Now, look at your list and narrow down your choices to those companies who would do all for you. Hiring one home disinfection company that does all is better than hiring multiple ones. It saves you both time and energy.

  1. Find reviews

Reviews and testimonials speak better than the company’s marketing materials or website. Find good reviews or recommendations from friends who have tried their disinfection service.

Try to look at the efficiency, punctuality, and how they work in general. Reviews published on Google or on their social media pages can help a lot.

  1. Look for Insured Disinfection Companies

A great tip is to look for insured disinfection companies. These companies will cover the cost of damage or loss of property in the event it happens. An insured company will pay for these damages. If not, you will end up covering damage and losses.

Nonetheless, hire professional disinfection service with good reviews on damages or close to zero damages at all.

  1. Call them and inquire about their process

List down names of disinfection companies in Dubai that you’re considering to hire. From these, call them one by one and ask for the whole disinfection process.

Consider yourself an employer who would like to know more about the disinfection method before they actually do a home disinfection. A good company can discuss their services with you and make you feel comfortable that they can do the job well.

  1. Know about the disinfectants to be used

What kind of disinfectant are they using? Are they using chemical-based disinfectants that leave a foul smell? Are you or your children, pets, allergic to a specific treatment?

A good disinfection company in Dubai will disclose the disinfectants they’re using and its possible adverse effects, if any. Thus, it would be preferable to hire a disinfection company which uses chemical-free disinfection solutions without risks of inhaling harmful chemicals.

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