Car AC Disinfection: Tips & Tools

Every car has its own features that enhance passenger comfort. The air conditioning system is one of the key comfort features, especially in hot and humid climates like the UAE. The temperature inside the car affects the driver and passenger’s moods and also safety. Car AC disinfection is a must to ensure your AC is in top condition and eliminate germs, odors, spores, and fungi which may be present in your ac system. This may cause health risks and serious illness.

1. When is it essential to perform AC disinfection?

  • It is ideal to disinfect your AC during the following:
  • After buying a used car
  • Before selling your car
  • Prevent molds buildup
  • Remove pollens, dust, and dirt
  • Regular disinfection is needed for public transport vehicles

2. How frequent should I clean and disinfect my car AC?

The number of times you should disinfect your car AC depends on certain operational characteristics of the car, the system model, and the total distance travelled.

There are specific models of cars which require many filters. To ensure the AC is in top condition, car ac disinfection must be carried out more frequently, especially before the summer season or the hot season. Car disinfection specialists would know exactly what to do and how to give the proper treatment.

In general, your car AC system should be disinfected at least once a year.

3. How to clean your AC system manually

Before you can clean the entire AC system, disassembly may be required to get rid of all dirt and dust on tubes, filters, and refrigerant. This will require time and knowledge of your AC system.

If you wish to do it on your own, you can also buy a disinfectant liquid especially formulated for cars’ air conditioner system. Manually cleaning and disinfecting your car ac system is more challenging than hiring professionals to do it.

4. Ultrasonic AC Cleaning

Usually, ultrasonic car AC cleaning is done through specialized service centers. The ultrasonic device is installed into the system and operates in circulation. This mixture then passes through the ac and climate system and removes germs in all parts of the car, which even extends to the interiors.

5. Spray disinfection

Spray disinfection can be available depending on the type of car and AC system. The spray should be directed to the evaporator which removes fungi and other microorganisms. While performing this type of disinfection procedure, the ac and climate system must operate at maximum power and be in a recirculation state.

When doing spray disinfection, there’s no need to disassemble the full device.

Follow these steps in performing this method:

  1. Remove the deflector and cabin filter. The cabin filter and the deflector prevents the penetration of the disinfectant to the working part of your AC system.
  2. Use a probe gun to send the cleaner to the evaporator. This allows the AC system to fully digest the disinfectant.

6. Use a combination of sanitization and disinfection methods

Some car ac systems will need a combination of different disinfection and cleaning methods. It is oftentimes called mechanical cleaning, and does its job to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms in your AC system.

Most car ac disinfection companies follow this method:

  1. Disassemble the device
  2. Gather all the AC filters
  3. Spray each component with the disinfectant
  4. Make sure each AC component is dry
  5. Right after disinfection, add a few drops of aromatic oil to maintain a special smell
  6. Assemble the device
  7. Turn on the device at maximum power for a few minutes

Your AC system may be the least overlooked part of your car. In reality, this needs the most attention especially before the summer season arrives. AC disinfection will not only get rid of bad odor inside your car but also improve your health.

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