6 Things to Include in your Checklist for Office Disinfection in Dubai

Cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of offices are as essential as keeping your house tidy and free from harmful viruses and bacteria. Common areas in your office such as your desk, your chair, computer keyboard, restroom faucets, and the pantry are breeding grounds of these pathogens.  Before you hire a company that specializes in office disinfection in Dubai, it is important to have your own checklist.

Here’s a list of things you can tick off your list.

  1. Clean visible dirt

Cleaning is the first step before disinfection. The process of disinfection will not be effective unless surfaces are effectively cleaned. Cleaning includes tidying up cords, sweeping or vacuuming off debris, and preparing to fix the furniture for disinfection. Most cleaning and disinfection companies wipe the dust from high-touch areas using a damp cloth soaked in soap and water. Make sure other hard-to-reach places are also clean and without dust. Light fixtures should also be cleaned.

After cleaning, these areas can be disinfected using no-touch methods such as fogging or steam. These two methods reach nooks and crannies of your office.

  1. Clean & disinfect materials made of glass

Your office windows, mirrors should also be cleaned and sanitized before fully disinfected. You can clean it using a spray towel with a glass cleaner and wipe away dirt and smudge. Glassworks is usually disinfected using a solution applied through wiping.

  1. Know how to disinfect properly

Disinfection focuses on sanitization and wiping it down with a clean rug for the disinfectant to sit down and be effective. Companies that provide office disinfection in Dubai focus on high-touch surfaces like keyboard, mouse, vending machines, and water fountains.

  1. Don’t forget kitchenware in the pantry

Plates, cups, glasses, spoon and fork, kettles, and other kitchenware in the pantry should also be cleaned and disinfected properly. These can be cleaned with a simple solution of water and soap. If disinfecting the kitchen, make sure the disinfectant is food-grade. Food grade disinfectants are food safe. These are mostly used in restaurants and other industrial food production facilities.

Before you hire a company that will do the disinfection for you, you should ask for the type of disinfectant they use and if it is safe for humans. Some chemical-rich disinfectants may cause harmful effects on your health and your employees.

  1. Sanitize the restrooms

Remember that common restrooms and toilets are the main sources of viruses transmission. Toilets should be scrubbed, mirrors wiped down with glass cleaners and hard surfaces should be disinfected using fog or spraying method.

When hiring an office disinfection company, it is important to distinguish between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Some companies merely offer cleaning while others do all of the above.

  1. Ensure proper waste disposal

Effective office disinfection in Dubai also requires proper waste disposal. Disinfection experts should follow a protocol in safe waste disposal to avoid cross-contamination. They should also wear PPE suits, gloves, masks, and disposable shoes for safety.

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